Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stripper Brownies

When you begin a project to work on your mental health by shouting into the vastness of the internet as a whole, and somewhere in the middle find yourself sending that same internet baked goods and naked photos, you have hit full momentum.

Where do you go from there?

I ran away. I got a different life. I came back. I embraced myself and started using my real name. So hi. I'm not Jessica,or Kitty. I still make brownies. I no longer get naked on the internet. I can be found naked on the internet if you are very savvy and know some secrets. Some of you here know those secrets. Some of you here have been sent brownies. Some of you here know me from both lives. How's the ride been for you?

Resurrecting a blog is so much harder than it seems, I have a sneaky suspicion zombies might be an easier trick. I've always had a way with the creepy. I'm here, I'm goth, get used to it. (I think as I've gotten older I have turned into a mix between Satan's perkiest cheerleader and the girl who will elbow your throat in a mosh pit, and then give you a cookie.) Finding a balance is more difficult now than it was when I was dealing with my full blown anxiety and raising my kids and watching my world fall apart from self destruction. Now it's just the anxiety and my mirror. God that is one hell of a full length mirror. Who made those legal?

I never expected to have blog family. Blog love. Blog, I will travel across the world and cut someone down if they hurt my friend,type of feelings for people I have met but haven't met. I never expected to have blog funerals. All of that has happened, and it has been wonderful and painful and enriched my life deeply.

Screaming into the internet was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, and I am still one loud bitch.

I can't wait to yell at everyone again.


~Easy said...

Nice to meet you

Random and Odd said...

My kids STILL ask if I will ask you for Stripper Brownies.
Nothing I have ever created or made compares to those brownies!!