Friday, October 14, 2016

Clicking your heels can find your hearts home

My dear space, my home and my heart. I have abandoned you for so long and left a piece of myself behind. Once cherished you have become my neglected self. Tattered bits that need to be touched up and polished, oh my blog you are my chipped nails. I still treat you like the middle child, using a pseudonym which once made me feel good but now makes me feel like I am hiding behind another layer. Kitty, Jessica, those are people of the past. How can I embrace you again and let go and be me if I still hide who I am to tell my stories?

Candy needs to take her space, make it comfy again and not be afraid who might find it, what they would think, or purge all my stories ever again.

This is the time for everything old to become new again, covered in glitter and not safe for the internet as a whole.

Short and sweet and just getting started, fall cleaning is underway and baby you are going to be beautiful.

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