Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pack Lite

Some things you just need to survive, the ESSENTIALS. We all have needs, and everyone's needs differ. I mean sure we all need water,food, but not everyone needs shelter, I have met people who travel all over with packs and just sleep in tents or with tarps and move with the weather and make their own shelters from what they have around them and that is their essential.

Yeah, fuck that? Mmmkay. That isn't my essential list. I need a roof, for ME, essential.

When the end of the world comes, I'll be someplace with a roof. In heels. If it comes on a Wednesday, I'll be wearing pink. Honestly tho when I am packing I can get my essentials for a long weekend into one medium suitcase, a makeup travel case, and my purse. This includes at least 3 shoe changes and two corsets, which are totally fucking necessary. Also several colors of glitter, all my personal care items, makeup, hair styling tools, medicine for me and traveling companions (just take a Zantac honey, you always feel better when you do) and few extra "just in case" items.

I've been missing something really important for years and I never knew it. I've been lacking an essential. It took a drive home from work and my Iheartradio station to point it out to me, and then it became so clear, I have no idea how I missed it all this time and I am thankful, now if something happens and I am about to go NOT quietly into that good night, swallowed up by Cthulhu, finally taken out by zombies, or much more likely, tripping over my fat rabbit on the stairs and falling to my inevitable.. I'll have my essentials.

My epiphany came the way all of them usually do I suppose, with zero thought. I wasn't searching for meaning. I had meaning. I had jessies girl . My new station to train, based on the song that has been posted back and forth between me and one very Tricky lady for eons now and I think always will be, the point will never be moot. What I did NOT know is that there was another gem waiting for me until it moved forward a song, and told me there was an album REQUIRED TO SURVIVE. The Essential Rick Springfield. This isn't packing lite, oh no, this is just fucking packing. It nearly blasted me to life (because I had the volume way too fucking loud from Jessie's Girl) as this came roaring at me and let me know things were forever changed from that moment on. I listened to his wise words, the heart... yes. I hear you Rick. It's much deeper than that, it's .. Essential.

Affair of the Heart

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