Sunday, May 26, 2013


I never know what I will write until i get here. I dont write blogs anymore the way i used to, im no poet, wordsmith, writer of talent.. No passer by will mistake me for a "craftsman of my trade'.

Lets be honest here.. blunt really. i'm on a piece of crap lap top that is missing tiles and jumps backwards when I dont ask and gobbles up what i have typed out so fast there is no point in proofreading because it makes me want to pull out my hair

But it was FREE.

I have met the computer equivalent of myself. Minus the vibrating tongue bar. I had to type that 5 times. I really wanted to say tongue.

Is there a point here? A story? A process to my word spunk, the brain spoodge exploding onto my computer screen? Always. Just not always for mass consumption but really take what you will from this if you are still reading.

Some of us will do anything for any Oreo and some of us will do anything to get you that Oreo. And that is exactly how I met this lap top and can talk to you, or myself, tonight.

Its a life lesson. A read between the lines one, to be sure.

But thats the great thing about Oreos, you can take them apart and read them right in the middle.