Monday, June 13, 2011


My lovely dear internets, I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

Ok. Let me see if I can calm myself down here. This morning I woke up and found my mom had made a FB page, and since I gave her my real email address, she found me on there. I have NO actual blood family on my FB page. I have friends, my "family by choice", and random people I play silly FB games with.

I also have no one under the age of 18. Because I link to this blog. Because I talk about boobs, masturbation, being INSANE with panic disorder, being obsessed with weird things, and I feel comfortable to say anything because I know my DAD isn't going to read my update, Wow so glad I got myself off today, and have his head POP.

My privacy settings are pretty strict, but then I realized that my blog was listed, so now I have no idea if my parents are reading this. If they are, they should stop. I talk about porn, sex, being insane,girls, boys, boobs, and more being insane. It is really NOT intended for parental consumption.

BUT. My HUGE freak the fuck out is because she has my x from when I was 18, boys bio dad, piece of shit who I hate more then anyone in this world, in her friends list. I deleted my myspace and changed my phone number and MOVED, to get away from those people. So clearly I cant friend her or BAM, they are all over the place. And WHY does she have them friended? WHY???????

My head is freaking the fuck out. I mean she is entitled to add anyone she wants, but I'm so not going down that road. Do I have to delete this blog ALL over again? Back up two years of writing like I did before and find a new (HORRORS) blog name?

No. I refuse. But now I think I am having a panic attack, because my body just got hot and my head just went WHOOSH. UH MY GADDD.

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Miss Tricky said...

I declare this "not okay".

Now take some deep breaths.