Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you have writers block for your second post?

I have such an abundance of topics and issues and little bits of fluff rolling about in my head that I honestly dont know where to start. And this little cursor blinking at me doesnt seem to be helping.

In October it will be two years that I have been living in this apartment with my children and technically a single girl. I have mixed feelings on this.

I currently dont have a deep, meaningful relationship and can honestly say I do not think there is anyone "in love" with me. Also with the mixed feelings.

Both my kids are now legally adults, however they are still doing dumb ass stuff. That I understand because I am legally an adult and I do a lot of dumb ass stuff. So my love for them has not changed but sometimes my annoyance level is higher because OMFG arent you old enough to NOT DO that dumb ass stuff? Move on to NEW, BIGGER, MORE ALL CAPS REQUIRED DUMB ASS STUFF, like me.

Actually, they have both done some all caps required dumb ass stuff, but I dont feel like getting into that just yet.

I ate a handful of mini marshmallows for breakfast. Is that wrong?


Miss Tricky said...

It's only wrong because I don't have any for my own breakfast.

It's tough to come back. You are one of the greats so it WILL come back. Trust.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Writer's block? Easily solved with just one dose of Lex-Lax.

And what kids do you have who do dumb-ass stuff? Surely not those two nice boys I know. Certainly not the one who said "This game has the A.I. of a crab. A crab who had to go to special ed."

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Oh, and I posted. The ball is in your court.